Additive Color Theory Applied

App Design, Background Art, Design

I was designing a bunch of stuff that was going to used in a sci-fi and wanted a glowing texture to be used in all the menu backgrounds to reflect the glowing neon lights of the city.

To achieve the texture I went back in time to my light, color, and design class. I briefly remembered additive color, the mixing of colored light to create white light. I mixed various blue and green textures layered over each other to make this final texture.

Background Variation

App Design, Background Art, Design, UI Art

Background graphics tend to be the largest 2D graphics in any app. They can take up a lot of room and make an app overloaded. On my most recent project I tried to create graphics that could be changed and modified in many different ways with very few graphics to create a variety of backgrounds.

For these backgrounds I created a painted texture that can be layered over a single color to create a painterly, watercolor look. I then created tileable patterns to layer on top to add even more variety.