Art, Illustration, The Woods

Sometimes I start something thinking it will end up something else, but get to a point where I like it so much I think anything I do will ruin it. This is one of those cases. This was going to be something a bit more eerie and witchy, but ended up being a spooky looking forest instead.

Character Illustration Based on Maya Renders

App Icon Design, Art, Character Designs, Illustration

Sometimes I don’t get the best files to work with when it comes to creating art for promotional materials. These characters were created to run in a game not be posed and rendered at a million pixels and things get harder when I have to work with older files that were created by people I no longer have on hand to help me. Many times I have to improvise and figure out what I can do base on what I do have.

Above, all the way to the left is the rendered character I was able to pose. Unfortunately the face, hair, and clothing textures would not attach easily. So I rendered out the pose so I would have something to work with. I then illustrated the character according to his appearance in game and that is what is reflected in the character on the right.